• Legs With Mikey

    legs with mikey      SUPERSET  Leg extensions into seated hamstring curls  4x15    Hack Squat:  4x15/12/12   (Drop set until 25 reps)      Seated Calf Raises  4x12-15     Laying Hamstring Curl  3x12-15     Leg... View Post
  • Gorilla Back, Back Attack

    Gorilla Back, Back attack By Thor Davis Always remember to warm up and do those Dynamic stretches we all know and love! Seated Cable Rows  4×25 (last 5 reps squeeze at bottom)    Dumbbell Pull Overs   2 Sets 25 /... View Post
  • Shoulder Smash

    Crazy shoulder day Side Raise   Reps/Sets 25-20-18-15-12-10 (Increase Weight)    Front Raises   Reps/Sets 25-20-18-15-12-10 (Increase Weight)     Barbell Upright Row 4x25 (last 5 reps squeeze at Top)     Rear Lat Rope Cable Pull 5x25 Rep... View Post