Gorilla Back, Back Attack

Gorilla Back, Back attack

By Thor Davis

Always remember to warm up and do those Dynamic stretches we all know and love!

Seated Cable Rows

 4×25 (last 5 reps squeeze at bottom)   

Dumbbell Pull Overs

  2 Sets 25 /2 Sets 15 (slow pace)   

Bar Cable Pull Downs 

 4x25 (last 5 reps squeeze at bottom)   

Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

 5x8 Reps (Increase Weight) Hard Squeeze *be sure to pull DB to hip*   

 Cable Rope Pull Downs 

 4x25 Reps (squeeze at Bottom)   

 Dead Lift (percentage of Max)n 5x5 - 1. 50% 2. 65% 3. 70% 4. 80% 5. 90%

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