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Join The Team



You’re here because you’re thinking of joining the team.

Don’t hesitate, join us!


We are athletes, competitors, formulators, parents. We are innovators. We have a vision, we want  to be different, to be the new kid on the block, to stand out. Here, is where VISION MEETS INNOVATION.

You can be anyone and do anything, here, the work does not stop, and we are continuously evolving. Our rapidly growing team wants YOU.

How long is the application process?

Please allow 24n to 48 hours for your decision email to be sent.

So how does everything work?

First off, Welcome to TEAM VMI.

Your mission is to be the best teammate you can be, and spread awareness about the company and more importantly your team. We are here to not only support your nutritional needs but to build each other up!

How do I let others know about the team?  

Simple! We have endless ways to spread the word! Tag us , post us , share us!  When you sign up we provide ALL our team members with a 40% off sign on discount. Our affiliates will also be given a Personal use code of 15% off every order from there on out.

You have the opportunity to earn commission. Each Team member will be given an additional code with a referral link that that are recommended to put in their profile. Our affiliates earn 10%-15% commission on the sales they make.     

VMI’s Team program is a both a commission and points-based system. Once registered, team members have the chance to earn point for FREE Product and Gift cards.


If we put up a YouTube video, and you comment and like it, you can simply take a screenshot of that and earn points for something that you already do on a daily basis.

There are tons of activities that are available for you to earn points for. An easy way to bring awareness through posts on Instagram and TikTok.


 In addition to this we love to feature the teammates  on the website in the Blog tab. Are you a coach or just love to work out? We would love to post your workout on our website! Do you have a favorite product? Write about it! Have your own personal blog posted up on our website!


Any question always feel free to reach out to a Team Captain!


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