• What is Vasogen??

        What is Vasogen??   Its our STIMULANT FREE vasodilator. Now, what does that mean? This is a great option for those that tend to train later at night/day, or for someone who is simply is sensitive to caffeine. Vasodilators help open blood vessels in the body. Which as a result helps the blood ... View Post
  • Why our aminos are the best, Not to mention, the best tasting!


    There are hundreds of supplements out there that target recovery and repair. From protein, to creatine, pre-workouts, and fat loss supplements. Whatever you think of, someone, somewhere has made it.

    Here at VMI we take pride in what we put into our products, and what we DON’T put in. Our vision is different, we are athletes, formulators and most importantly innovators. You can be sure that each of our products meets our standard of standing out from the crowd. Here, is where Vision meets Innovation.


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