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K-XR Pre-Workout

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K-XR is a high powered, high stimulant pre-workout from the VMI BLACK SERIES that provides long-lasting energy. Gone are the days of mid-workout energy dips and post-workout crashes. K-XR provides sustained, never-ending energy thanks to its precisely engineered Triple Stage Caffeine blend.

K-XR delivers it all - pumps, focus, energy, and stamina! The search for the “perfect” pre workout is over, the answer is K-XR. The totally unique blend of botanicals prepares you to dominate even the toughest workouts.

  • EXTREME ENERGY - 3 Sources of Caffeine for Extreme Energy & Norcoclaurine for Bronchodilation.
  • SUPERIOR MENTAL FOCUS - Choline Bitartrate + Huperzine for Increased Mental Focus & Cognition.
  • BETTER PUMPS & ENDURANCE - Theobromine for Enhanced Vasodilatation & L-Taurine for Muscle Hydration & Endurance.


Intense Pump Blend made of Beta-Alanine, L-Taurine & Theobromine.

Maximum Energy Blend made of Caffeine Citrate, Caffeine Anhydrous, Infinergy™ DiCaffeine Malate, Norcoclaurine HCl & Rauwolfia Vomitora Extract.

Focal & Cognitive Enhancing Blend made of Choline Bitartrate & Huperzia Serrata Extract.


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