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“AWESOME AI PRODUCT! VMI has always had great customer service, promptly answering any questions I have, and they seem to really care about their products. Everything I’ve tried from them has been great, and this product was no exception. I started noticing effects in under a week, with steady strength increases, my muscles seemed slightly fuller, and I started seeing more veins and definition, especially in my arms and chest… and my libido went straight back up. PLUS, never have joint pain like with other anti-estrogen/test boosters!”


Arima-XD uses the most powerful all natural aromatase inhibition agents to stop the conversion of testosterone from turning into estrogen. Lowering estrogen production translates into greater natural testosterone levels, for better muscle growth and recovery.

Arima-XD is the strongest combination of clinically studied antiestrogen ingredients available. If you want to increase drive, lower cortisol and decrease aromatase, Arima-XD is definitely the aromatase inhibitor, cortisol blocker and anti-estrogen supplement for you!

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Arima-XD uses the most powerful all-natural aromatase inhibition agents, including calcium-Di-glucarate along with chrysin (5 7-dihydroxyflavone). The targeted goal is to promote the inhibition of the aromatase enzyme from converting androgens to estrogen.



Optimal hormone balance and regulation supports and enhances drive and performance the same way Arimidrol™ does.



Arima-XD contains maximum strength aromatase inhibitors & cortisol blockers, with the goal of regulating estrogen production in the body.



Arima-XD contains an advanced formula combination such as Indole-3-Carbinol and Diindolylmethane (DIM), which is known to help balance out and optimize hormone levels.


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“This is a great product for anyone taking testosterone injections as part of a hormone replacement regiment because it stops the estrogen build up produced by the testosterone. Arima-XD worked really well for me and was recommended by my pharmacist, so I decided to purchase it. So glad I did – awesome results!”

Weight 8.1 oz

6 reviews for ARIMA-XD – Aromatase Inhibitor – Anti-Estrogen

  1. Markus J.

    I cannot name a product that works as good for this price. Amazing test product. Any other brand this would be like 30$ more.

  2. Terence Y.

    Started to see a difference within 10 days of taking this. Energy levels increased, I have just been feeling a boost in my everyday activity.

  3. Joey A.

    Have been taking this on and off for 12 months and there isnt any other one i would even consider using. Absolutely amazing. The staff is super helpful as well I messaged them on Instagram and their Marketing Director Nick reached out and broke down all my questions. The customer service is almost as amazing as the product.

  4. Evan K.

    Loved how the answered all the questions I had in their description. What it does, how it help and what it costs. All i cared about and was super surprised with how effective the product is.

  5. Tony Cap

    Normally I just buy this directly of Amazon – but came here because I wanted to check their other products. Love the fact these guys dont price gauge and deliver a great product at an even better price. I loved their Protolyte – I thought the it was absolutely incredible.

  6. Kyle Nishi

    Clean – super fast deliver. Felt within 2 weeks super solid for the price point

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