Whether its your morning cup of joe, or that scoop of KXR, we all need a pick me. Everyone knows what really a packs punch in your favorite pre workout. KXR features and exclusive blend of three different types of caffeine. We start off with NUMERO UNO, caffeine citrate. This source of caffeine is known to have better solubility, and although it may not be as potent as plain caffeine the lower ph allows for your Pre to digest better, and even have antibacterial properties.

Now this is where the main source of caffeine comes into play, caffeine anhydrous (C.A.). This is probably the best known type, C.A. is the most potent source of caffeine yet. Anhydrous, meaning dehydrated, is simply a form of caffeine that has been purified with any other substances dried out and removed. Which leads us to our last source, Di-caffeine malate, otherwise known as Infinergy. Infinergy is a blend of both caffeine and malic acid. As soon as this compound reaches your stomach it starts to break down giving you that instant kick of energy. The best part about this source it that not only is it a very potent source of caffeine but it also doesn’t cause any upset stomach or discomfort. So no you won’t have to make a pit stop before your work out ;)

KXR’s unique blend of three types of caffeine provides you with the initial energy boost we all know and love from a great pre-workout.

 keeps you cruising through out your session and leave the body at a slow enough to not leave you with that dreaded crash!

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