Yields 5 Cordials 

  •  Sugar-Free Chocolate of Choice (amount will vary depending on molds)

  •  30g Raspberries (use ~5 per cordial)

  •  2T Sweet Cream Butter

  •  2T ChocZero Vanilla Syrup (any brand works, just make sure it thick &  sticky consistency 

  •  1/2T Powdered Sweetener 

  •  1/8T Red Velvet Emulsion 

  •  1/2 scoop VMI Sports® Vanilla Milkshake Collagen Peptides

  1. Melt chocolate of choice and coat the inside of 5 dome shaped molds. Be sure to reserve a little bit of chocolate to "close" the molds after we fill them

  2. In a small saucepan add butter, vanilla syrup, and powdered sweetener. Place over low heat. Once everything is melted together, whisk in the collagen and make sure you work out any lumps

  3. Transfer to a small bowl, and pop into fridge. (We don't want it to melt the chocolate)

  4. Once cooled, fill each mold a little over halfway, pop a raspberry in the center and push it down.

  5. Top each with remaining fondant mix, leaving a little room for the final chocolate layer. Pop them back into the fridge to set up.

  6. Melt the leftover chocolate, top each little cordial, allow to set

  7. Pop out of molds, enjoy!

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