Here at VMI Sports we like to go the extra mile. Put in the work, because #workneverstops.

When it comes to taste, mixability and digestibility we are the best in the game. Protolyte is our cleanest whey protein isolate, blended with five different digestive enzyme blend called Digeseb (TM). This blend is made up of Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase and Lactase.

So What exactly are digestive enzymes?

According to the ISSA Sports Nutrition Break down, fifth edition, an enzyme acts as a catalyst for the breakdown of food components. A catalyst simply is a substance that speeds up the rate of the chemical breakdown.

Lets dive in to the breakdown of the enzyme blend!

Starting off with amylase our little enzyme friend, that helps breakdown starches or complex carbs to simple sugars that the body can utilize for energy. We added protease which is an essential enzyme to breaking down protein. This enzyme specifically helps breakdown proteins to smaller “chunks” called peptides and then further down into amino acids. This is key because amino acids are the buildings blocks of the human body.

Next up is a personal favorite of mine, lactase, not to be confused with lactose.  Lactose is the sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Many people are lactose sensitive/ intolerant, but great news for you guys, Protolyte is lactose free! Any way continuing my tangent, lactase is an enzyme that helps breakdown this sugar called lactase. So even though Protolyte is lactose free, if you chose to mix it with milk you get a few extra grams of protein from the milk and some extra calories without any tummy trouble!

Lipase is an enzyme that helps with the breakdown of fats in food. Lipase helps with absorbing fats through the intestinal wall as well.

Cellulase is an enzyme that helps with the breakdown of cellulose, that is the stuff that makes up the lining of a plan cell wall. This added in for extra digestive benefits, and if you decided to throw some greens into your shake. 

Muscle recovery and no bloat? Sign me up!

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