Collagen Protein Brownies

Collagen Brownie Mix: 

In Separate bowl mix 

  •  1/4C Creamy Nut Butter (suggestion: try cashew)

  •  1/4C ghee/butter

  •  4 large egg whites (from egg not carton)

  •  2 tsp. vanilla extract (if you want extra vanilla flavor)

  1.  Mix all dry brownie mix ingredients together

  2.  Mix wet ingredients together in a separate bowl

  3.  Slowly pour wet ingredients into dry & let sit for a few minutes & stir some more

  4.  chop up low-sugar chocolate chips and PB Cups into large pieces and sprinkle on top of batter

  5.  add the other 1/2 of batter on top

  6.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes then cover with aluminum

  7.  frosting is reduced sugar Nutella melted with some coconut oil and sprinkles

  8.  ENJOY

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