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In man’s quest to build the ultimate physique, he becomes driven to boost testosterone levels. It only makes sense, testosterone is an anabolic (muscle-building) hormone, and greater testosterone should equal more muscle! The more anabolic environment you can create in the body, the more easily you’ll build the ultimate alpha physique.

However, there’s another side to this hormone saga that needs to be discussed. A darker side that can wreak havoc on your body and seriously affect your ability to build a chiseled physique.

Of course, we’re talking about ESTROGEN.

Whether you realize it or not, estrogen is the “trump card” in the hormone realm that can utterly destroy your ability to build and maintain muscle. On top of that, too much estrogen can result in some seriously nasty side effects like low libido, increased fat, and the dreaded gynecomastia (a.k.a. Man Boobs).

So, it’s imperative that we maintain the appropriate hormonal environment in order to maximize health and muscle building.


Benefits of Proper Estrogen Levels

  • Greater capacity to build muscle

  • Less likely to gain fat easily

  • Increased energy and libido

  • Reduced “brain fog” and mental fatigue

    Estrogen...A Cruel Mistress

    There’s no other way to state it than simply…Too much estrogen can wreck your physique!

    The truth of the matter is that estrogen is first and foremost a female hormone, and even though you’re a man, you still have some estrogen circulating in your body. If these estrogen levels get too high, you’ll develop female characteristics, and on the flip side, if a woman’s testosterone levels get too high, she’ll develop masculine characteristics.

    While it might seem straightforward that keeping estrogen low is good, it’s not that simple. As a man, your testosterone levels naturally decline as you age while at the same time, you’re constantly at risk of estrogen increasing due to a number of factors such as:

    • Aging

    • Ratio of fat to muscle on the body

    • Excessive alcohol consumption

    • Impaired liver function

    • Steroid use

    There’s several other factors at play, but these are some of the most predominant ones you’ll encounter.



    Now, estrogen isn’t all bad, but too much of it is. Some estrogen is required, even in men, for growth hormone production, insulin regulation, glucose utilization, and lipid metabolism.[1]

    Furthermore, recent research examining the role of estrogen in the regulation of body fat and sexual function in men noted that the most severe consequences of estrogen deficiency were on erectile function, libido, and arousal.[2]

    On top of that, men with extremely low estrogen levels exhibited elevated levels of abdominal fat, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It’s also associated with decreased bone strength and an increased risk for fractures.[3]

    As you can see, having little to no estrogen isn’t good either, so the key is having just enough estrogen to support overall health, but not impede muscle building.

    To do this, you’ll need a supplement that keeps estrogen in check and promotes a powerful muscle-building environment.

    The answer is Arimistane 



    Arimistane is the most well-known aromatase inhibitor (A.I.) on the market, prized for its ability to halt excessive estrogen proliferation in its tracks and support natural muscle growth. Arimistane blocks the aromatase enzyme from converting testosterone into estrogen, thereby keeping natural testosterone production high, and estrogen levels regulated.

    The end result is superior muscle growth, less fat, and better sex drive!

    Don’t waste another week battling against ever-increasing levels of estrogen. Grab Arimistane™ today and get your hormones working FOR you, instead of AGAINST you!






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