Aminogex Ultra™ BCAAs is a comprehensive formula that can be utilized intra-workout, post-workout and between meals. Aminogex Ultra™ addresses issues your body needs to help sustain intense workouts and promote rapid recovery. This is done by using high-quality ingredients that cover multiple pathways involved in performance and recovery. BCAAs in the form of InstaAminos™ bypass the liver and gut, resulting in rapid metabolization and incorporation into skeletal muscle.



1. BCAAs are oxidized (burned) during exercise for energy, so supplementing provides your body with a fast fuel source.

2. BCAA supplementation also prevents muscle catabolism (breakdown) and maximizes anabolism (growth) making them beneficial for intra-workout and post-workout.

3. Finally, Leucine a component of BCAAs, has been shown to stimulate the M-TORC1 pathway, a known promoter of anabolism.


BETAINE (aka trimethylglycine TMG): Betaine is an amino acid found in food sources like beets, spinach, and shellfish. Betaine acts as an osmolyte molecule, meaning it influences cellular hydration. It’s also a well rounded ergogenic aid that has been shown to increase aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, muscular endurance and power output. This makes it an EXCELLENT ingredient to have in your workout stack, as it can help improve overall athletic performance. 

B VITAMINS: B Vitamins in the form of B6 and B12 are an important component of our BCAA formula. Vitamins B12 is essential for healthy red blood cell production, our red blood cells are involved in oxygen transport. A properly functioning circulatory system is essential for delivering oxygen to working muscles during exercise, as well as the delivery of nutrients to our muscles to promote growth and recovery. Our B12 is in the form of methylcobalamin, which is the physiologically active and most bioavailable form, whereas many traditional supplements are in the form of cyanocobalamin and require a conversion into the methyl form. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) plays a role in the metabolization of nutrients for energy, healthy nerve cell formation and helps our bodies absorb Vitamin B12 more efficiently. 

ELECTROLYTES: Our formula contains electrolytes in the form of Magnesium Glycinate, Potassium Glycinate (TRAACS® by Albion®), Magnesium Glycinate (TRAACS® by Albion®), Calcium Glycinate (TRAACS® by Albion®), and Sodium Chloride. Electrolytes are ESSENTIAL for providing optimal fluid balance. By properly controlling levels of fluid balance, our bodies stay hydrated. Dehydration has been linked to impaired physical and mental performance and a common cause is the loss of too many electrolytes. By using the glycinate form of minerals from the branded ingredient TRAACS® by Albion®, VMI Sports is committed to providing the highest quality and bioavailable ingredients that have undergone strict clinical research.

GLUTAMINE CHELATE (MGG by Albion®): MGG a conditionally essential amino acid that can commonly become depleted during prolonged exercise sessions. This amino plays a crucial role in promoting immunity and biosynthesis of amino acids. Intense exercise can suppress our glutamine levels, impairing recovery and making us more vulnerable to getting sick. By supplementing with glutamine, you can provide your body with added insurance to recover optimally.



Aminogex Ultra™ is ideal for anyone looking to improve performance and recovery. Because it contains ingredients shown to benefit both strength and cardiovascular measurements, Aminogex Ultra™ can act as your workout buddy before you tackle a lifting P.R or a mini-marathon. Our BCAA formula is also ideal for anyone wanting to promote better recovery. Experienced athletes know that long-term success and performance depends heavily not just on training, but the capacity to recover fully and rapidly.



Aminogex Ultra™ covers a broad spectrum of bodily pathways involved in performance and recovery, making this a versatile supplement.

Intra-Workout - aid with endurance and strength performance.

Post-Workout - aid in recovery because BCAAs can rapidly be replenished and the B-Vitamin/Electrolyte/Glutamine mix addresses important nutrients commonly lost during intense exercise.

In-Between Meals - protein pulse throughout the day with Aminogex Ultra™, by having it in-between meals. This can help cause anabolic spikes throughout the day to promote muscle growth by the stimulation of M-TORC1 via Leucine ingestion. While the electrolytes in Aminogex Ultra™ will ensure adequate hydration levels throughout the day.



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